What is coaching… 

“Unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping to learn rather than teaching them….” (Whitmore 2003) 

What is mentoring……. 

“Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person that they want to be “(University of Reading) 

“…l feel stuck in my job and want to progress…. 

“….my boss does not listen, and I have a review meeting with him next Thursday. 

” … in my job I feel isolated and not accepted.  

” .. I feel like an imposter in my current role 

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I am a qualified executive coach with the Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching from the prestigious Henley Business School and have lifelong experience in advising individuals and companies as a solicitor, partner, director, confidante, and friend and want to bring my experience to assist others by way of coaching and mentoring.
Let me help you achieve your goals.
Our Sessions

I will bring coaching and mentoring, and we will work together to make sure our time is productive. The sessions will be your time and will look at what problems and challenges matters to you most. 

The aim is to make gradual progress:

  • Clarify what is important to you 
  • Journey from position A to B 
  • Turn learning to results 
  • Significantly improve those results Overcome blocks and barriers 
My costs are agreed at the outset as well as the payment terms.